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Bedroom / bathroom project – part 1

Bedroom / bathroom project – part 1

Bedroom / bathroom project – part 1


Focus: Developing Design Concepts

Format: Digital – PowerPoint


Develop and Prepare (3) Written Design Concepts for a Master Bedroom Suite – You must use the “What, Why & How” Method presented in class

You have (3) different clients (see Client Profiles below)

Each client/project will have its own unique Design Concept

You will use your Design Concepts to make selections and provide an overall design scheme for each client

You will find images of all of your selections and include in your presentation

You will create (3) Schemes and present in a digital format.

Design/Presentation requirements are below:

Bedroom Materials/Finishes: Ceiling/Walls/Floors/Window Treatments

Bedroom Furniture Selections: Bed, Nightstands, Dresser, Art/Accessories, TV

Bedroom Light Fixtures

Bathroom Materials/Finishes: Ceiling/Walls/Floors/Millwork (counter & cabinets)

Bathroom FF&E Selections: Tub, Sinks, Shower & Sink Fittings, Lighting

Your new clients:

The Wagner’s – Scott and Ella are a young married couple who just purchased a townhome in the Heights area of Houston.  He works in finance, and she is a Dr. They prefer clean lines, not a lot of “fluff” but want their home to be comfortable and inviting. The bedroom and bathroom need to have a relaxing “get away” feel as they both work long hours. They have no children.

Ryan Humphrey – Ryan is 29 years old, single and works as an internet gaming programmer. He has just purchased a 3-bedroom home in Colorado. He likes to collect modern art and is not opposed to color.  There will be no TV in his bedroom, and he prefers silver/chrome over brass finishes and leans towards a more modern aesthetic.

The Davidsons – Cindy and Greta are a retired couple who love nature and being outdoors. They love to garden, reading a good book and also like to go on long walks and sit in the sun with their grandchildren.  They prefer neutral colors that reflect the outdoors but no florals in their décor and would like their bedroom and bathroom to be luxurious and stylish.

Remember, you need to think about how you would like the bedroom to function, and what your “concept” would be.  Think about seating areas, sleeping area, storage, dressing area, etc.  This is your opportunity to be creative!

What is your concept statement? What is the programming? (Here are some questions to ask)

• What size bed? • What types of furniture needed? (Headboard, dresser, lounge chair, rug, etc.)• Comfort level and design style (contemporary, traditional, transitional)• Lighting and TV requirements?• Accessories?

 You will:

• Take the plan that was given to you and research and decide what furnishings you would like to propose for each client.• Create a Programming slide identifying needs and requirements and your solutions.• Create a brief Concept Statement slide summarizing your design intent. This statement should also communicate the mood or feel you are attempting to evoke.  • Create a “working” presentation of your suggestions to review. This will consist of several slides with your suggestions.

Note: This will be a power point presentation.  We will have meetings to review your ideas before your final presentation to the class.  You should have 3 items to present: Concept Statement, Programming, and several slides of your plan for each of your three clients. Include all slides together with Your Name, Class Assignment and Dateon your first slide for each client.


Remember to be inspired by who your clients are and what they are interested in, but also remember they hired you for your expertise and your CREATIVITY!

You can include inspirational images in your presentation that represent your design concept, but you cannot include any completed interior/room images.

You must include: your written Design Concept, images of all required Materials/Finishes and FF&E and inspirational concept images. For all (3) clients/projects.



Fabrics and Wallcovering




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